Egg Whites info

Olympian Breakfast

Put 50gm of oats into a liquidiser and soak, once expanded, liquidise.
Add 30ml of 'Pasterised Liquid Egg White' and Add 2 x tablespoons (30ml) of Udo's Oil.
Finish with one scoop of Whey Protein.
Liquidise together and you have a highly digestible and easy to prepare breakfast of real food, offering high bioavailability.

Suggested Use
Use as part of a balanced diet to meet your protein requirements.

30ml equals one egg white (3 grams of protein) or
6 egg whites 180ml , 8 egg whites 240ml etc

Use liquid straight, in drinks or cook as normal egg white.

Freezing liquid egg whites
Defrost in fridge, shake before use. Keep refrigerated the product is independently tested for no bio-logical change for 7 days after opening. Un-opened consume with in 28 days of defrosting.

WARNING: Please check any opened carton for any odour. Egg whites have little odour or taste so if they do have any strong odour discard.


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